Monday, 24 march 2020






Dear sirs,


We are experiencing an unprecedented situation globally. To manage it will require discipline, integrity, patience and information. Dabedan  is willing to continue to provide service as long as supply chains and transport continue to operate. Our computer system allows us to telework so that accounting, treasury, administration and customer service will continue to operate through our email accounts.

In the factory, where for obvious reasons it is not possible to telework , split shifts, access controls and hygiene guidelines have been established every 12 hours. No machine or tool is used by more than one person without first being sanitized. We have stock of raw material and finished product.

However, some of the production phases are already difficult: the finishing, yarn dyeing and weaving processes cannot take the necessary safety measures without significantly reducing their capacity.

For this reason we are unable in these circumstances to give reliable delivery times. Articles that have finished stock can be supplied.

For scheduled orders, next week we will notify one by one if there is an incident or if the dates can be fulfilled. In case  you cannot receive scheduled shipments, please notify it to us in order to  avoid unnecessary transportation that may compromise the health of transportation workers.

Any, incidence, change or novelty in this operation will be shared.

With our best wishes, receive a cordial greeting.