Monday, 2 june 2020


Measures to achieve full customer´s confidende



The current pandemic we are suffering at a global level will require an adaptation process at hospitality sector based on the restitution of customer’s confidence through some actions grouped in the “Global protocol of reintegration Post-Covid 2019”


Dabedan contributes to this adapting its experience at the hospitality fabrics to the tourist industry.


So, it is possible to provide (on demand) all the fabrics from our collection with an ANTIMICROBIAL treatment, being effective against the VIRUS LOAD of the fabrics. After 2 hours from the first touch with the fabrics, the virus load is reduced by up to 98%, including similar structures to ones of COVID-19.


This involves an hygienical protection of the curtains of the rooms as well as those from the common areas avoiding that these textiles could be a support of sustenance of bacteria, virus and other pathogens.


In order to achieve the confidence of the customers as well as adding an advertising value to this aspect, a correct traceability will be required.


With the objective of being able to show the guarantee in the same room and advertise it whenever we consider it appropriate, we offer a protocol of traceability that will consist in providing the certification of the product specifying the reference name, ubication and the name of the installation company.


With the finality of using this advantage, various installations have already adapted this protocol that avoids the necessity of washing or disinfecting the curtains in every occupation.


For further questions/doubts or any other kind of inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at dabedan@dabedan.com



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