Fireproof Fabrics / PLAINS / GREGAL



Satiny fabric in an elegant permanent Fireproof 295cm wide. Alternative to conventional velvet width of 295 cm . Duplexing.

Technical characteristics

Width 295 cm
Composition 100% Polyester Flame Retardant
Flame Retardancy M1, C1 (MZC-10-229 ;UNE EN 13773:2003  

Abrasion resistance  > 70.000 cycles
Breaking strenght WARP: 760 WEFT: 570
Light fastness 3 - 4

Laboratory sound absorption measurements Weighted Sound Absorption Coefficient =0,70 (MH) (UNE EN ISO 11654:1998)
Breaking Strenght 5
Samples If you need any colour sample of 20 x 20 cm., do not hesitate in asking for it at his habitual supplier. We shall send it at once.

Cleaning Instructions