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A different serge, fresh, breezy, with a very good fall whose colors coordinate with that of tapaluz TH. It is also Flame Retardant and it allows an infinite number of combinations.

Technical characteristics

Width 300 cm
Composition 100 % polyester Flame Retardant
Weight +/-235gr/m 2 (UNE EN 102.127)

Abrasion resistance > 35.000 c (UNE EN ISO 12947-2:1999/AC:2006)
Breaking strenght Urdimbre / Warp / Chaine: 1.600 (N) Trama / Weft / Trame: 2.800 (UNE EN ISO 13934-1:2013)
Flame Retardancy C-1 (UNE EN 13773:2003)

Light fastness 4 (UNE - EN ISO 105-B02-2013-2)
Breaking Strenght 5 (UNE EN ISO 12945-2: 2004+2007)
Samples If you need a sample of 20x20 cm do not hesitate in asking for it at his habitual supplier. We shall send it at once

Seam Strenght Urdimbre / Warp / Chaine: 431 (N) Trama / Weft / Trame: 340 (N) (UNE EN ISO 14465:2001+A1:2007)

Cleaning Instructions