Friday, 21 october 2016





  Tremendously evocative, this fabric returns home vindicating his powers: elegance, sophistication and beauty. The inspiration as a suit!


   We have seen on the catwalks of fashion and, while not new, it was the king of the 80s, it seemed that he was biding his time. Serene, smooth and night calling, also stars in the daywear this season, and becomes the star of autumn deco pieces.


   Blue Velvet


   The truth is that the blue becomes one of the best allies of this tissue. This tone remains certain drama to the whole, gives it certain modernity, allowing more current decorations incorporated without losing its 'class'.


   Matter of style


   Because this Fabric  has personality and elegance. His silky, shiny surface and soft touch have made him a 'must' decoration at different times.


   Reputedly delicate, the truth is that is not the best choice for homes with children or in pieces much trot, because although tough, is not easily cleaned and stains are quite visible.


   At home it has been reserved for details, curtains or certain parts, but today is ready to conquer all the rooms and all the elements. From sofas, armchairs ,bedding, wall ... His power is irresistible and it's hard not to surrender to him.


   Look change


   Ideal for classic decorations, where he dives perfectly between noble materials such as marble, and metal, and as  copper or brass.

   It is also able to show the softer side and less 'classic' if it is allowed to act, it risks in color and combined with fun and original pieces.

   The black, pink, green or red hues become suitable for this magnificent fabric.

   In addition, the reasons are beginning to appear in many of his designs, giving a bonus to the intrinsic beauty of velvet.


   Another airs are coming


  Willing to revolutionize its uses in the home. Not content with being part of the space, but queviene to conquer environments, starring the best scenes. To do this, park your seriousness and is carried away by the current trends.

'Chic' and very warm, has the capacity to ennoble environments with his power. For this reason, we have opened the doors of our house decoration, to print his charisma and natural elegance to the rooms. Dear 'velvet', we missed you!


   DABEDAN provides its guests a wide range of quality Fireproof velvets and decorated with a vast color chart and manufacturability tailored to your needs.


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