Dilluns, 19 september 2016


Added benefit of Flame Retardant Fabrics




 Everyone knows that curtains help to create more pleasant and beautiful spaces.


 What not everyone has in mind it is that the curtains can be a factor in significant energy savings.


 Many of our fabrics provide effective thermal protection while letting in natural light for proper lighting of spaces, very important to keep in mind especially when designing work environments look.


 In Dabedan we manufacture fabrics to meet different needs. Our fabrics can create four barriers in a single element : light , sound, thermal insulation and as a fire barrier .


 Not only meet the strictest safety requirements at national and international level , they can also help in other ways.


 The curtains , in general, contribute to energy saving for several reasons , one of them is its flexibility : because they can be opened and closed at different levels of openness, offering an adjustable heat protection during the summer, especially on surfaces exposed to the South.


 Selecting the materials indicated and using them consciously, a good curtain can contribute to a more limited use of air conditioners,  which are known to consume much energy during the hottest periods.


 Also during the winter, a curtain with thermal insulation characteristics can maintain constant temperature within the environment and reduce the use of heating systems , among other things, dry the air inside the spaces. Using curtains for energy savings, not only utility bills will be contained , but also can save on maintenance of the systems of conditioning and heating, which when used more sparingly require fewer interventions .


 Therefore, when you think about energy savings at home, office or anywhere crowded public thinks that the curtains are a smart investment to save money and energy while we enjoy a comfortable environment for all seasons.


 The DABEDAN Fabrics do not limit their use to public spaces because it also can be used in residential contexts benefit from all its features.