Thursday, 17 march 2016


  • Trevira Cs

The end of a Trevira CS fabric is not an end



TREVIRA CS textiles are a valuable raw material and within the framework of a return and recycle concept, they can proceed on to appropriate new uses  at the end of their useful life. Possible end uses are, for instance, materials for insulation or soundproofing - which include applications in acoustic panels in office or conference premises, in the hotel and hospitalitysectors and in public buildings.


This is how it works:

We take back Trevira fabrics in 100% flame retardant fibres and yarns at the end of their useful live.


An important precondition is that the fabrics consists of 100% TreviraCS and that they have passedthe Trevira CS trademark Test. This is because  only via trademark approval number registered at Trevira it is possible to identify the textiles and accept them in the recycling system. The fabrics also neededto be clean, dry and freeof contaminations andcomposite materials.


If you area fabric supplier you can inform your customers about this opportunity.


If you arefor instance a hotel owner or you wishto refurbish your house,you or your interior furnishing contractor can send the old Trevira CS materials  back to us. You can requesta copy of the trademark approval for the old fabrics from the respective supplier.


These Fabrics are put on stock until the required quantities have been collected for dispach. They then proceed  on to mechanical processing and recycling.


To ensure sustainability in implementingthe recycling process, Trevira will take into account the location of the end consumer, Fabrics sent inby companie in the European area are collected in the Trevira production plant in Bobingen (S.Germany), for onward transmission to recycling, while sensible local arrangements are made for textiles outside Europe.


You can find the precise address for return of Trevira CS on the next E-mail