Fireproof Fabrics / PLAINS / RONDA 2



Intrinsic flame retardant nature fabric with great versatility of use. It has two possibilities of use depending
on each of its two sides, a matte and another shiny satin. Its versatility allows it to be used as a medium
weight curtain, curtain lining, bedding, table linen, cushions, linings, and trimming trim details in general.






Technical characteristics

Width 300 cm
Composition 100% Polyester FR
Weight 255 gr/m2 (+/- 5%)

Abrasion resistance Matte Face: > 65.000 c (UNE EN ISO 12947-2 ; 1999/AC;2006) Satin Face: > 36.250 c (UNE EN ISO 12947-2 ; 1999/AC;2006)
Breaking strenght Warp:  1500 N Weft:   1500 N  (UNE EN ISO 13934-1;2003)
Flame Retardancy C-1 (UNE EN 13773:2003)

Light fastness 4-5 (UNE 105-B02-1996)
Breaking Strenght Matte Face: Clase 2-3 Satin Face: Clase 4-5 (UNE EN ISO 12947-2 ;2001)
Samples If you need a sample of 20x20 cm do not hesitate in asking for it at his habitual supplier. We shall send it at once

Seam Strenght Warp: 1.00 mm                                        Weft: 1.30 mm (UNE EN 14465;2001 +A1;2007)

Cleaning Instructions