Sunday, 28 february 2016


Furniture brands have adopted velvet as the fabric star of the season.





Velvet refers to the third extra hair that makes up the fabric adds to the two warp and weft fibers and seeks its characteristic soft touch of depth.


This season the best international brands of contemporary furniture have chosen to upholster sofas and armchairs creating a landscape of both comfy and sophisticated seats.



Velvets are the most prized natural fiber . Currently, 100% cotton smooth enjoys high demand . Its matte finish will report a more understated luxury compared to other types .



It was a luxury cloth weavers Italians endorsed in the Middle Ages and then Flamencos. Today those made with silk continue to have the highest prices. Lino , much appreciated for a classic furniture, offers a rustic finish waters likens it to the Chenille.


Today the best are manufactured in Holland, Belgium and Italy. However, in Spain they begin to manufacture high quality velvets.


Velvets not escape to the possible quality of flame retardant fabrics , giving them extra security for their reaction to fire.




It draws attention to the way transport and storage. Seeing their way to packaging, we can already see that this is an exceptional fabric. Always going horizontally suspended box in order to not wrinkle the hair.


Velvet is a very delicate tissue handling. Ideally there would be rolled only once. Whereby it makes the manufacturer.


The number of cycles is data about its durability. The thickest velvets exhibit a greater resistance to abrasion . A very good index would be 100,000 cycles . Is the number of times a person can get in and out before they start changing aspect accusing wear.




Another very important factor is the quality of the hair, as it influences their appearance and their properties. When it is vertical and very dense undergoes less change in hue and brightness. If the direction of hair goes from one side to another comes in his changing  side, depending on the response you have to light.


It is also a great acoustic insulator. That is why it is protagonist in most theaters and even in the upholstery of their seats .
















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