Mercredi, 21 septembre 2016


DABEDAN has landed at the United States




   The Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell has launched a new commercial mission last 18th of September at the United States (USA) in the context of PLAN DE ACCION INTERNACIONAL 2016 from de Council of the chambers of Catalonia and ACC10. 


 7 different companies join this trip of commercial prospection, which will be hold mainly at Miami (Florida) and Atlanta, where the program of contacts and interviews with local companies will be held. Dabedan will be present as the maximum exponent of the textile sector in Spain.


 After  strengthening during many years our export position in Europe as well as in South America, Dabedan starts commercial actions in order to let its products be known in the United States  given the good acceptation of our products and of the “Made in Spain” trademark. 


 The United States is the main consumption market with a population of 323 million of inhabitants.  The North American economy is characterized by a large market, major labor flexibility, geographical mobility, high dotation of human capital, significant incorporation of new technologies as well as the impulse in R+D. The textile sector shows a business opportunity for the companies like DABEDAN.