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Sheer classic by excellence. Natural. Economic , strength, durability and an average degree of concealment.

ETAMIN 22/15:FR Etamin economic version for occasions where the price is the priority.

ETAMIN 22/25:Derived from basic FR  Etamin. Weighing , level of concealment and increased resistance.

Technical characteristics

Width 300 cm
Composition 100 % Pes Fr
Weight ET-01, 02: 82 gr/m² +/-5% ET-22/15: 75 gr/m²  +/-5% ET-22/25: 99 gr/m²  +/-5%

Flame Retardancy 1 (EN13773)
Light fastness 5
Breaking Strenght A

Samples If you need any colour sample of 20 x 20 cm., do not hesitate in asking for it at his habitual supplier. We shall send it at once.

Cleaning Instructions