Tapaluz XDN

This Dim Out, wool-like fabric is a significant advancement in acoustic improvement and concealment capability. All of this in a 100% textile fabric free of resins. The warmth of wool-like fibers and the combination of light and dark tones add depth to both sides, which share the same color and appearance. It is distinguished by its weight and variety of shades.

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Material: 100 % Flame retardant Polyester FR
Width: 300 cm +/- 2%
Roll length: +/- 20-25 mts
Weight: 410 gr/m² +/- 5%

Light fastness

EN ISO 105-B02:2014
Method 2 scale 1-8; 8 best value

Abrasion resistance

> 8.000 cycles (B)
UNE EN ISO 1294-2:1998/AC:2006
Scale A-C; A best value


5 (A)
EN ISO 12945-2:2000
Sacle A-D: A best value

Breaking strength

Warp: 1.300 N - Weft: 2.200 N
UNE EN ISO 13934-1:2013
Scale A-D; A best value

Seam resistance

Warp: 5,21 mm - Weft: 6,87 mm
UNE EN ISO 13936-2:2002
Scale A-D; A best value

Thermal resistance

0,0323 m2 K/W
EN ISO 11092:2014

Solar absorption

75,1 ±0,5 ρe, n-h (%)
UNE EN 14500:2021 - Thermal comfort

Light absorption

86,2 ±0,6 αv, n-h (%)
UNE EN 14500:2021 - Thermal comfort

Acoustic absorption

αw =0,80
UNE-EN ISO 11654:1998
αmedio =1,02
UNE EN 1793-1:2017

Determination of the light transmission

NF G 07-162


New EXTRA DARK structure. Maximum opacity, 410 g/m2, double-sided, 100% recyclable and washable

Colour matching

Colour may vary from one batch to another

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