Dabedan with the Eco-System

In recent times, Dabedan has worked towards greater sustainability in our environment. We have adopted more sustainable practices and processes, it has created a program for the recycling of the remaining fabrics productions as well as all the necessary components for manufacturing and have been placed long-lasting systems in all our offices seeking increased efficiency our consumption.

We strive to incorporate maximum sustainability in all parts of the process.

Our goal is reducing, reusing and recycling.

We minimize the generation of waste as a result of our activity and manage what is produced in the least harmful and most environmentally friendly manner.

Whenever feasible, we try to reduce transportation by grouping goods.

Our products are no longer designed; they are ‘eco-designed’. When we design our products, our team considers all the environmental impacts of all stages of design and development for products that generate the least possible environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

Medidas medioambientales adoptadas:

– Record electricity consumption of machinery and equipment per unit, so we can integrate cost saving measures.

– We perform preventive maintenance on our machinery beyond what is strictly necessary to save energy and improve manufacturing quality.

– Replace incandescent lighting devices with systems based on fluorescent tubes or sodium lamps to reduce consumption.

– Moderate the intensity of light in areas of lower need, always maximizing the use of natural light.

– We have installed timed switches in service areas, dressing rooms, etc., to eliminate unnecessary consumption.

– We have improved the thermal insulation of doors and windows to prevent losses in the air conditioning systems. Similarly, we regularly review ducts and equipment.

– Pressure limiting devices and diffusers have been installed in the taps, as they allow proper cleaning with lower water consumption.

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