New Van de Wiele Looms

Dabedan incorporates new last generation Velvet looms

Velvet, Velours, Velluto…. In Spanish, the word velvet (“terciopelo”) is perhaps the one that best describes this fabric: a third for its three dimensions and hair as a description of the third. The origins of this fabric date back to the Far East in the 12th century.

But it was in the European, Italian and Flemish city-states during the 16th century when the first pre-industrial productions emerged. It was a very expensive fabric made of silk and the best possible wool for the most luxurious settings.

Today velvet is still one of the most complex fabrics to produce. It is still a three-dimensional construction in which the hair has to be carefully treated avoiding the slightest error in the entire process.

Dabedan is a remarkable producer of this item with an experience of over 40 years. Today we use the best fire-retardant raw materials to provide velvet to the theatrical, entertainment, automotive, hotel industry and of course for home decoration.

The production of velvet for clothing is nowadays residual as there are alternatives in knitwear, etc. that are cheaper and of course lower in performance than a true lace velvet. Only luxury brands use our velvets in their fashion creations.

With the aim of sharing our illusion, we inform that we already have active the first two last generation velvet looms. A third loom will follow shortly to gradually replace our beloved previous versions.

The new VSi22 model is an intelligent machine that represents a new paradigm and way of understanding the weaving process.

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