Textile Recycling of Trevira CS Fabrics: A Purposeful Second Life

The end of a Trevira CS fabric is not the end

Trevira CS fabrics are valuable raw materials, and within the recycling concept, they can be repurposed for new uses at the end of their service life. Some of these potential new uses may include materials for insulation or soundproofing.

This sound insulation can involve acoustic panels in offices or press rooms, in hotels and hospitals, as well as in any public building.

How recycling works:

An important condition is that the materials to be recycled are 100% Trevira CS and have passed the Trevira CS brand test.

This test is crucial because only with this official test is it possible to identify the fabrics and accept them within the recycling system.

The fabrics must be clean, dry, and free from any contamination and composite materials.

If you are a fabric supplier, you can inform your clients, such as decorators or architects, about this opportunity.

If you are a hotel owner or are thinking of renovating your home, you or your decorator can send back the old Trevira CS fabrics.

To ensure sustainability in the recycling process, Trevira takes into account the location of the end consumer. Fabrics sent by companies in the European area are collected at the Trevira production plant in Bobingen for further transmission to recycling.

These fabrics are not set into action until the required quantities have been collected for shipment. Then, they undergo mechanical treatment and recycling.

You can inquire about the exact addresses for sending your old Trevira CS fabrics at the following email address:


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